AI projects

Ailean offers an extensive expertise in healthcare AI, leveraging the power of machine learning and, specifically, deep learning. We are a project house at your service capable of solving tasks using cutting-edge methods for Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing as well as the tabular data analysis. 

For you, our team of PhD-level experts can:

  • Run a full development project of an AI solution from design and specification, Proof of Concepts (PoC), full scale R&D to clinical trials, pilots and deployment. Our experts are capable of understanding your data, annotation requirements, and the clinical research protocols. 
  • Be part of your R&D project to fill in the skills gaps and resources. All our experts are guided and supported by our lead scientists also when being part of our Customer projects. 
  • Consult you in every step of your AI journey.

Our typical project workflow often looks like this:

In each customer project and in in-house projects, we enhance our Ailean Healthcare AI SDK. With help of the SDK and our flexible development pipelines, you can get a quick start with the project and we reduce the time of setting up environments and the actual modeling with ready-made frameworks.

Localization service for AI solutions in Nordics

Do you have an excellent AI product with CE marking? Though the local healthcare market in Finland, Sweden or Norway is requesting further clinical validation, to be adjusted into local workflows and integrated to local IT infrastructures. We are the partners to do that with you. We can also be the reseller for your solution in the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway) as well as doing the needed deployments in these markets.